I met the team in Oxford with my colleagues. I am absolutely fascinated by what they've been trying to do...

John Furlong, Ex-head of Department of Edu, Oxford University

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Sharing from Top Educators

    Three Dimensions That Contribute to the Success of e-Education

    Ex-head of Dept. of Education, University of Oxford Chief Education Advisor to EHLA

    The Current Practices, Trends and Challenges in K12 E-learning over the World

    Dr. Niall Winters, Learning and New Technologies Research Group Dept. of Education, University of Oxford

    Interview with chief editor

    Chief Editor of EHLA, Linguist from University of Oxford

School Corner

We dedicated to provide
top class AI-powered solutions and trustworthy content

EHLA is dedicated to providing top class AI-powered solutions and trustworthy content for schools, teachers and students. So far, more than 300 regular schools have participated in EHLA's various programmes and schemes specially designed for schools.


School i-Education Conferences and sharing

As one of our core missions to contribute EHLA's innovative research and breakthroughs in teaching and learning solutions, we value significantly the sharing of our progress made with schools and teachers in various channels. Encouragingly, in the past three years over 600 English teachers coming from more than 300 schools in Hong Kong participated in our sharing sessions and conferences for schools.



e-Publishing | Teaching and Learning Resources

Trustworthy, Authoritative

Rigorous Quality Management of EHLA English Teaching and Learning Resources

Managing the Quality of EHLA English Language Teaching and Learning Resources

Chief Editor of EHLA, Linguist from University of Oxford

At EHLA, we are committed to providing high-quality, trustworthy, and authoritative English teaching and learning resources through our rigorous quality management process.

Why Choose Our Resources?

  • Trustworthy: Our resources are developed by experts in the field and reviewed by experienced educators to ensure accuracy and relevance.
  • Authoritative: Our quality management process ensures that our resources meet the highest standards of educational excellence.
  • Effective: Our resources are designed to engage learners and support teachers in achieving their goals.

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