EXCEPTIONAL TEACHER FROM THE USA:  Ms. Summer, a native of the United States, who proudly holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Western Government University in Utah, USA.

Ms. Summer is an outstanding English teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. Her commitment to continuous self-improvement in teaching quality is unwavering. She demonstrates exceptional attentiveness to her students and possesses a talent for effective instruction. Notably, her expertise shines in the realm of writing instruction, where she provides outstanding guidance to her students, earning her the admiration of many.

Ms. Summer's dedication extends to her meticulous study of DSE Past Papers and Hong Kong assessment standards for DSE Paper 4 - Speaking. Her active involvement in shaping the international issues section of Mock papers and the formulation of examination questions has been instrumental in enhancing the learning experience for students. The DSE Paper Speaking Mock Training Class, in which she plays a vital role, has been of significant benefit to students preparing for the DSE Paper 4 exam.

Moreover, within the educational community, she is a valued member of the EHLA teacher training community, where her expertise and commitment further enrich the teaching and learning environment.

Ms. Summer's teaching background, her dedication to teaching excellence, and her significant contributions make her an exceptional teacher, greatly appreciated by her students.