Taking Leave Policy for One-on-One Class

Students requesting for leave need to give us at least 25 hours IN-ADVANCE notice.  If it's a sick leave on the day of class, you need to obtain a doctor's certificate for leave recommendation.  We will work with parents and teachers to rearrange a make-up lesson.  If you ask for leave on the day of lesson, no make-up lesson will be arranged because the teacher’s time has already been reserved and it is impossible to give it to other students. This is a waste of resources and teacher's time.


  • 1. The maximum no. of sick leave (doctor's certificate required) plus personal leave make-up lessons: 3
  • 2. If there is no sick leave, the upper limit of the no. of make-up lessons for personal leave is 2

Taking Leave Policy for Self-Team-Up Class

Self-team-up classes of 2 or more students, if individual students ask for leave (including sick leave and personal leave), they will not be given make-up lessons.  If other students agree to ask for leave together, the leave application time, procedures and whether they can make up classes are the same as the leave rules for one-on-one classes.

Late for Class or Absent

No extra lesson time will be added if the student is late for class. And no make-up lesson will be arranged for absence.

Enrolment and Renewal

To enrol in or renew the class, a minimum of 10 lessons as a package is required (at least one lesson a week). We will try the best to fix a same teacher for the student, except for cases beyond our control, such as the teacher's resignation or illness. If it happens, we will arrange another teacher to continue the teaching, and no tuition fee will be refunded.

For each renewal, although in principle EHLA will try the best to arrange the same teacher for the student, if the student does not complete the renewal procedure in time, e.g. delay the payment and notification, etc, EHLA is not obliged to reserve the same teacher for the student. Therefore, if parents want to reserve the same teacher, they need to decide whether to renew classes in advance or apply for more formal lessons in one go. If things can be managed reasonably, we will try to assign the same teacher to the student.

Equipments/Network Issues

If students are unable to attend class on time due to teacher’s equipment or network problems, we will arrange make up lessons or add extra time for the class. If students fail to log on to zoom or have issues of audio or camera due to their own equipment or network problems, no make up lesson or extra time for the class will be added. It is because the teacher's time has been reserved, we still need to pay the teacher for the reservation of class time.