About Elliot Emery

TOP-NOTCH UK TEACHER: Teacher Elliot was born and educated in the U.K. He possesses exceptionally strong academic background. Elliot holds a bachelor of law degree in the University of Birmingham, UK, and a master of law degree in the University of Nottingham, UK. He achieved FULL A scores in UK A Levels and 9 A scores in GCSE public examinations, including A grades in English Language.

Elliot is a gifted English writer, he can create excellent works in a very short period of time.

Elliot is also a TEFL & TESOL certified professional educator with vast experience of teaching both children and adults on a group setting amd individually. He also has significant experience in creating and designing content and lesson material.

Elliot is a passionate linguist who is eager to teach and help individual to develop their confidence and ability in the English language.