About Elliot Emery

OUTSTANDING UK TEACHER: Meet Teacher Elliot, a native of the United Kingdom with an impressive academic background. Elliot earned his Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Birmingham, UK, followed by a Master of Law degree from the University of Nottingham, UK. His academic prowess is reflected in his remarkable achievement of achieving FULL A scores in UK A Levels and securing 9 A scores in GCSE public examinations, including outstanding A grades in English Language.

Elliot invested significant time in studying DSE Past Papers and Hong Kong assessment standards for DSE Paper 4 - Speaking, actively contributing to the development of the international issues section of Paper 4 Mock papers and the formulation of examination questions. Moreover, he is a valued member of the EHLA teacher training community.

In addition to his expertise in teaching and assessment, Elliot is a gifted English writer who possesses the ability to produce outstanding pieces of work within a remarkably short timeframe. His talents extend to being an integral member of the Paper 2 Writing team, where his skills shine.

Elliot's commitment to education and his exceptional skills make him a truly outstanding teacher with a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer.