Bespoke Elite Leap Programme

Reading & Speaking Elite Programme

Reading & Speaking Elite Programme

Reading & Speaking Elite Programme

🎯 The main learning focus is on reading, writing and speaking. Learning is extended to cover the following themes: Science, culture, environmental protection, climate change, history, people, daily life, world experience...

🎯 In between the classes, daily life conversation and speaking sessions will be brought in to nurture children's ability to "speak like a native".

🎯 Another valuable part of this class is about offering the opportunity of one-on-one interactions and discussions with native speaker teachers on various reading topics. The goal of students is not just to broaden the reading horizons, but also try the best to train themselves up to reach the level of near native speaker language proficiency, so as to build up their competitive advantage in future study life.

⭐ Adjust content and difficulty according to students' level and needs


UK curriculum is subject to enquiry


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