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We dedicated to provide
top class AI-powered solutions and trustworthy content

EHLA is dedicated to providing top class AI-powered solutions and trustworthy content for schools, teachers and students. So far, more than 300 regular schools have participated in EHLA's various programmes and schemes specially designed for schools.


School i-Education Conferences and sharing

As one of our core missions to contribute EHLA's innovative research and breakthroughs in teaching and learning solutions, we value significantly the sharing of our progress made with schools and teachers in various channels. Encouragingly, in the past three years over 600 English teachers coming from more than 300 schools in Hong Kong participated in our sharing sessions and conferences for schools.


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AI-powered Writing Correction and Grading Function

The Writing Correction and Grading Function reduces teacher marking-time, and provides a detailed analysis of student performance, making it easy for teachers to identify and deal with frequently occurring student errors.


With a simple shot, students can submit their manuscripts directly.


AI-powered writing correction and grading function helps teachers correct grammar and spelling mistakes quickly and efficiently.


The fast track option allows teachers to add comments and adjust scores easily.


The report option provides detailed performance analysis on a whole class or individual student basis.


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AI-powered Tools/Resources for English Subject


Writing Correction

AI-powered writing correction and grading function helps teachers correct grammar and spelling mistakes quickly and efficiently.

Comment and scoring + strength & weakness tracking + report


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1000 times

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Dictation Expert

Easy to set up content

AI native-speaker audio support

Auto checking of dictation result


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Speaking and Listening Instant Expert

With a simple shot, you can turn printed text into a native-speaker American or British accent audio book.

Instant listening mode

Read out loud


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1500 times

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Vocabulary Boost Expert

Suitable for different streams (School-based)

The Vocabulary Boost-Expert covers the full range of spelling, comprehension, speaking and usage.

Using intelligent diagnosis and tracking, the Vocabulary Boost-Expert can set up a tailor-made learning path for students to boost their vocabulary.


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Intelligence grammar diagnosis, strength & weakness tracking and practice module

EHLA provides learners a powerful and intelligent tool with which their grammar usage weaknesses are closely tracked, thoroughly diagnosed, and prescribed with personalized teaching and learning solutions, including teaching and tutorial videos delivered by veteran teachers.

The system is equipped with powerful features to help students learn efficiency and avoid blind drills, whilst the target-oriented exercises help students rigorously eliminate weaknesses.


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AI-powered Tools/Resources for English Subject

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Unparalleled Reading Schemes for School

Powerful, intriguing, creative

and full spectrum coverage

We tailor reading programmes for schools at a very low price。Learn more about Unparalleled Reading Solution

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HK Attainment Test

e-learning Package and Solutions

"A far better way to replace traditional paper practice"

Listening and reading

Automatic marking

Tutorial answer videos/audios

Students incorrectly answering certain questions, will be automatically linked to tutorial videos or audios to help them manage their self-learning.


AI-powered correction and grading

Writing section supports manuscript work, and is uniquely underpinned by the AI-powered correction and grading function.

Model essays

Model essays and writing teaching videos are available when the test ends

Oxford quality management

High quality listening material is written and quality controlled by EHLA’s team in Oxford.

Performance report

EHLA produces an analytical report listing student strengths and weaknesses as they complete each test.

Other Various English Teaching and Learning Resources and Programmes

We offer and tailor vairous English teaching and learning resources and programmes for schools.

  • English Learning Leap Programme offering to schools as 'after-school programme'
  • Listening and Speaking
  • Writing
  • Reading comprehension training
  • Grammar usage enhancement
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