Words from Global Education Scholars

Professor John Furlong, ex-head of Education Department, Oxford University: Three Dimensions That Contribute to the Success of e-Education
Professor John Furlong, he was the Head of the Department of Education in the University of Oxford and now EHLA's Hon. Chief Educational Advisor who provides very solid strategic directions of EHLA in various educational innovations. Professor Furlong is giving a speech on the key contributive dimensions to the success of e-Education based on his several decades of educational research.
Niall Winters, Co-Director of the MSc Education, Associate Professor of Learning and New Technologies, Department of Education, University of Oxford: The Current Practices, Trends and Challenges in K12 E-learning over the World
One of EHLA's research focuses has been centred around the trends and practices of K12 education, in particular, the impact of technology in education and why most e-learning models have failed. Dr. Niall Winters, the Associate Professor of Department of Education in the University of Oxford and the Convenor of Learning and New Technologies Research Group is giving a speech to provide a global prospective on the current practices, trends and challenges in K12 e-learning over the world. Dr. Winters supervises the collaborative research programme between EHLA and the University of Oxford.

Words from EHLA team

Chief Editor's Words: Managing the Quality of EHLA English Language Teaching and Learning Resources
EHLA Team and Asia Chairman & CEO's Words

EHLA Education Ecosystem

EHLA iEducation, A revolutionary educational project
The current pace of change in knowledge is unprecedented in human history. The traditional mode of teaching and learning, with its intrinsic limitations, can hardly keep up with the pace. We need a change!
Intelligent Diagnosis & Teaching System
Groundbreaking Reading Modes
Unparalleled Solutions to Student Daily Reading Offered by EHLA
EHLA has redefined e-learning and e-publishing for the 21st century!

  • Animated text reading mode
  • Full-screen animation mode
  • Teacher storytelling mode
EHLA Intelligent Diagnosis & Teaching System
Groundbreaking Magic Books by EHLA
The groundbreaking functionality allows the reader to interact with the story and take part in a sensory experience not available when reading or watching a video.
EHLA 如何高效提升中文寫作能力

EHLA Clarity Programme: the Paper Plane Scheme

John Furlong: EHLA Paper Plane Scheme Introduction
EHLA Paper Plane Scheme Briefing

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How Important is Reading for English Learning
Why is it crucial for students in Asia to engage more deeply in literature?
The connections between our ecosystem and already-emplaced English learning in Asia.
Providing a diverse range of reading resources that students are sure to grow from.